Campus Carry Holster – Full Concealment


Campus carry, the right to carry a weapon on a campus, is gaining a foothold and creating a need for an appropriate holster.  If you’re a student or staff member on a campus where carrying is now permitted, you may be wondering about the best way to go about it.  When carrying on a campus, you really don’t want your weapon being noticed by others, even if legally permitted.  You want it to be comfortable, well-hidden, and accessible.

There are advantages and drawbacks to most campus carry methods.  IWB holsters are a good option for many.  But they’re not comfortable for everyone, they’re prone to being noticed, and unusable in warm weather when you can’t wear something substantial enough to cover the weapon.

There are some belt-worn pouches or cases made to look like a phone case or something similar.  Trouble is, they don’t really look like a phone case, and they don’t fool anyone.

What you need in a campus carry holster is something that’s comfortable, usable in all weather, and fully conceals the weapon.  That’s what Kevin’s Concealment Wallet Holster was invented and patented to do.

A wallet holster isn’t ideal for everyone.  But for those who can use it, it has these advantages:

Full Concealment.  After carrying this way for close to twenty years at work, the inventor of this holster has yet to have anyone notice he carries two wallets.

Convenient carry option.  Put it in your pocket and forget it’s there.

Comfort.  You can use this holster in all weather conditions, even while wearing only shorts.

Accessibiltiy.  Simply remove the holster from your pocket, open the flap, and flip the gun into the shooting hand for use.


The purpose of this campus carry holster is twofold:  One, to provide full concealment so it isn’t noticed, and doesn’t bring upon you the consequences of people freaking out over the fact you have a gun.  Second, to ensure you have a weapon in the event of a violent attack.  A pocket .380 might not be much of a weapon, but armed attackers most often pick easy targets out of fear of being shot back at, so any weapon can serve to deter or stop an attack.  On campuses where carry is legal, the mere knowledge that these holsters are in people’s pockets will greatly reduce the likelihood of an attack.


That depends a lot on size considerations.  If you’re female or have small pockets, one of the smallest pocket .380’s available is the Kahr P380 or CW380.  Even smaller than that is the Seecamp.  In general though you’ll want to wear pants with good size back pockets, and this holster will also work well with cargo pockets.

If you’re larger and have the pocket space, there are wallet holsters available for guns in .380 and 9mm, the largest being for the Ruger LC9.  Just keep in mind the larger you go, the more noticeable it becomes.


This may be a pocket gun you’re carrying, but you’re not carrying it for an up-close make-my-day moment, you’re carryihg it to fight someone who has an AK47 or a shotgun.  If you have the money to spend, a laser sight is a force multiplier and is highly recommended.  It will better your aim under stress, and help focus the attacker’s attention on getting out of the way of the light beam rather than shooting people, including you.  And should you get the drop on the attacker, you’ll want to score a direct headshot if possible, and a laser will help immensely with that.  The laser I most recommend is the Crimson Trace Laserguard or Lasergrip.  The grip-button activation is most natural and doesn’t take your finger away from the trigger.  It also allows you to easily activate or deactivate it so as not to needlessly draw the attention of the attacker.  Green is recommended, as a red laser is useless in daylight conditions.


Campus Carry Holster

Campus Carry Holster

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